Our Church

Meet our Superintendent Minister and Members who hold office within the Church.

During Revd Sonia Hick's presidency, Revd Dr Michael Long will be acting Superintendent Minister for the Wembley Circuit

Revd Sonia Hicks

Superintendent Minister

Revd Sonia Hicks is our Minister

and Circuit Superintendant 

with additional responsibility for Neasden Church. Revd Sonia was also President of the Methodist Conference from 2021/2022 


Joseph Kingsley-Nyinah

Senior Steward

Joseph is our Senior Steward responsible for our six stewards and the practical running of the church


Church Secretary:




Church Stewards:


Joe Hagan, Kim Davis, Lloyd Payne

Beryl Anderson, Grace Fasogbon


Church Reps (GCM):



Hyacinth Ward, Evangeline Duah

Howard Bowen,  Roy Stanley
Joseph Kingley-Nyinah


Sunday School Superintendent:




Sunday School: 


Joe Hagan, Patricia Perry, Doris Kwaw 


Property Committee Secretary:


Basil Solomon




Property Steward:      

Ade Fasogbon



Pastoral Secretary:

Ethlin Virtue



Pastoral Visitors:





Ethlin Virtue, Eleanor Thomas 
Evangeline Duah, Hycinth Ward
Sonia Palmer, Veda Chambers
Justin French, Jacquie Rochester

Adrian Perry, Maxine Mentore 

Gloria Parnell, Kim Davis



Church Treasurer:

Diana Kokora



Gift Aid:


Beryl Anderson


Women's Fellowship:


Ethlin Virtue (Secretary)

Men’s Fellowship   

Gerry Davis (Chair)


Roy Stanley (Secretary and Treasurer)


Boy's Brigade &

Girl's Association:    


Sudbury - Rodney Wilkes, Dawn Wilkes

Peter Wilkes




Maxine Mentore



Principal Organist: 




JMA Secretary:




Home & World Missions:


Multi-Media Team:

Hyacinth Ward


Joe Hagan, Roy Stanley



Methodist Homes





Premises & Lettings:

Doris Kwaw

Easter Offering &

Christian Aid:

Beryl Anderson



Creche Co-ordination:




Church Flowers


Linda Stanley



Communion Stewards

Hazel Cameron, Hyacinth Ward


Web Editor:

Roy Stanley 



St Luke's Hospice:





Lucine Daniel



Prayer Coordinator:

Anna Kingsley-Nyinah



Action for Children:


Gloria Parnell

Church Notices Coordinator: 

Roy Stanley


Safeguarding Rep:

Ben Sarsah



Fire Officer:

Justin French



Churches Together Rep:

Adrian Perry