Wembley Circuit Healthy Fun Day 2014

Held on Saturday 25th January 2014

Event was hosted by Park Lane Methodist Church, Wembley Methodist Circuit and Brent Public Health, Healthy Lifestyle Team


Photos from the Day

Health and wholeness, physical and spiritual are major themes in the New Testament. Most of Jesus' ministry involves the bestowing or restoration of health: to the blind and physically disabled, the chronically infirm, lepers and the possessed.


John Wesley was a strong advocate for health. His emphasis on spiritual and social holiness included spiritual, social and physical wholeness and was extremely practical in his concerns for healthy families and physical bodies. Indeed, response to physical health and well being is a central and profound component of Christian theology.


This was the thinking behind our Healthy Fun Day that returned for a second year after a successful launch last year. We presented health stalls and information, Zumba and Salsa classes, fitness expert advice, football coach and six seminar presentations by heart, men's awareness and immunisation specialists.


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Healthy Fun Day 2014 Programme

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